Questions. Answered.

Boom. Back again. The rain hasnӴ let up here in Bangkok, but weӲe battling through it. Some of us, like myself, metaphorically, and others, like Chris Kleinӳ Charlie Nash and Kristin Kreukӳ Chun Li, quite literally. Klein is showing off his skills with a 9MM daily, (not to mention his ability to be launched by insanely large explosions) while Kristin is doing things you just plain wonӴ believe. Sheӳ had some experience with wire work and action on Smallville, but even sheӳ the first to admit sheӳ never done anything like this (few have). I cant count the number of baddies sheӳ dismantled thus far on all my fingers and toes. And thereӳ plenty more carnage on the way. Now, with that being saidżo:p> Last time I asked if you had questions, and boy, did you ever. YouӶe made yourselves heard, and your responses have been fantastic. We appreciate them all, and I wish I could have answered each email personally. Luckily though, you guys seem to all be on the same page. Itӳ amazing really. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of emails I got, the same 3 questions kept coming through. And Iӭ going to answer them all, once and for all, right now. My instinct tells me that you arenӴ initially going to like what I have to say. But amigosŠjust hear me out. OK, lets do thisżo

SwinginТ in the Rain.

Hey folks, Aaron here, back again and reporting for duty. WeУІe just about halfway through shooting, and things have been going swimmingly. Unfortunately, I mean that literally. WeУІe up to our eyeballs in water these days. See, the arrival of May brings the rainy season upon us in Bangkok, and when it rains out hereЖ©t frigginТ pours. If its not a mid-afternoon shower to temporarily halt filming, itУі the roaring thunder off in the distance muckinТ up our sound. Of course, that could just be the booming voice of Michael Clarke DuncanЕјo:p> But, hey, like former Air Force Lt. Charlie NashЕ we soldier on. WeУІe still shooting like crazy. This past week saw Chun Li and Vega goinТ toe to toe. They brought the claws out for this melee (one of them literally). And this very morning, Neal McdonoughУі Bison unleashed a BRUTAL beat-down that was a little more one-sided. Ohhh yes my friends, there will be blood. For this weekУі exclusive first-look, feast your eyes on the beautiful Moon Bloodgood as Det. Maya Sunee. The character probably wonУґ sound familiar to you die-hard SF fans out there. And it shouldnУґ. MayaУі new to the Street Fighter universe. SheУі Bangkok Gangland Homicide. A no-nonsense, fast-talking, half-Thai cop who rocks a Ducati and a set of gold cuffs. Check her out below, hanginТ with her boys.